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Affordable Publishing is devoted to the work of helping aspiring authors achieve their goals.  We are a Christian Book Publishing and Business Printing company. We are dedicated to our profession  It is our mandate to produce the finest quality of printing at an Affordable cost. Our finish products do stand strong against this highly competitive marketplace.  If you are a writer and have a great desire to become an author, but couldn't afford it or simply didn't know where to begin, then Affordable Publishing is for you!  If you host advertise an event in a professional manner or need business cards or other printing needs, then Affordable Publishing is for you! We except work WORLDWIDE and are prepared to serve busy PASTORS, TEACHERS, EVANGELIST, PROPHETS, BISHOPS, OVERSEERS, AND INSPIRED WRITERS!   Send your prerecorded series, manuscript, or sermon series and we will transcribe your work into a professionally finished book, sounding just like you.  We make book writing as simple as 1,2,3 at an Affordable Publishing price, and leaving all of the rights to your book where they should be, IN YOUR HANDS! 

Today, through traditional books and advertisement, the ability to get your stories or advertisement into the hands of many has never been simpler. 


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